Total Quality System

Total Quality System

ProTec Laboratory has earned the trust and confidence of our customers by demonstrating an unwavering commitment to superior quality.  There is a viable sense of pride and care that is put into our work that sets us apart from most nutritional contract manufactures. A quest for quality coupled with an attention to detail that is part of everything that we do.

We have built a reputation for excellence by assisting our customers in their effort to stay at the forefront of new and impending regulations in the dietary supplement industry.  You can trust us to know the not only what the current regulations are but also where the future is going.

 We want to give our partners the opportunity to take a long view approach to their business and brands and have a partner they can trust to deliver the highest quality products for their consumers that allow for them to live their best life.

Our Quality Control Procedures meet or exceed current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).  Meet or exceed all regulations set forth by the FDA and are fully certified by NSF.

Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) cover every step of the manufacturing process.

Beginning at raw material procurement with a rigorous testing protocol from our pre-qualified vendors, continuous in-process inspection and verification,to the final QA/QC analysis of the finished product.  Pro Tec Laboratories ensures superior quality of not only the finished product but trusted consistency from batch to batch.

We are able to do a majority the testing in our new state of the art testing laboratory and have certified professionals with constantly current certifications that make reliable and trusted results.

We believe in providing our customers with peace-of-mind and the knowledge that their products meet all specifications without question.

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