Protec prides itself on offering their clients one of the most diverse selections of Best in Class raw materials that is available in the industry.  Our rigorous approach to vendor selection has allowed us to build a network of suppliers that are trustworthy and committed to making sure that your product is built with the best nutritional components available.

These relationships let Protec be a leader in bringing new ingredients to the market as we get to see them first.  Innovation often starts at the source and it is our goal to make sure that we pass these new ideas and ingredients on to our partners to make sure that their product mix is as robust as possible.  We stay On Trend and are proactive on keeping our partners there as well.

We take a strong multiyear approach with our vendors because of these longstanding relationships.  Constant contact with our vendors gives us a superior understanding of market conditions and pricing trends so that Protec can give the best cost and avoid supply chain interruptions.  We have multiple qualified vendors for many ingredients to stop supply chain issues in peak seasons and well as the resources to stock high demand products to cut down on scarcity concerns.

We take the extra steps to insure the highest level of Purity in the ingredients that we source from our vendors. When Purity and clarity are a premium, you can trust Protec to make sure that you are getting the ingredients that will make your products stand above the rest.

 We are experts in Clean Labeling Solutions and will work with your team to help pinpoint your consumers clean label priorities and their purchasing priorities.

Protec offers an always expanding and varied offering of ingredients to help produce products for Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Organic formulations and ingredient profiles.

Protec has always been at the forefront of natural sweeteners and flavoring profiles and will work with you on solutions for integrating them into your product line up.

 We strive to have first looks, understanding and implementation ideas for emerging sourcing opportunities that allow for our partners to be first to market with tomorrows next big product.

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