R and D

R and D

ProTec is home to the one the strongest R&D labs in the dietary supplement contract manufacturing industry.  We provide services for innovated concepts that are on trend, on cost and on time.

We have many experts on staff with a broad and growing knowledge base that allows for unique resolutions to product requests.  We start with understanding our clients needs and work to offer innovative solutions to make their ideas a reality.  We work with you every step of the way, take the time to see how your product is unique and make sure that it hit the market with the impact that our partners are demanding.

Our focus starts but is not limited to:

  • Purity – Clean, pure and trusted ingredients and formulations.
  • Safety – A priority in everything we do at Protec Laboratories.
  • Stability- how can we make you product produce what it is intended to produce for your consumer.
  • Shelf Life – Keeping your products fresh and vital through all stages of its lifespan.
  • Regulatory considerations – An aggressive and Constant approach to staying on top of changes and testing protocols in the industry.
  • Dose Forming – innovation and consistency in all forms that we produce.
  • Flavor Profiles- A unique aptitude to create flavor profiles both common and  uncommon.
  • Mouth Feel- make it feel as good as it tastes. 
  • Physical Considerations – Dispersion, Solubility, Potency, Bioavailability
  • Development of the nutritional facts panel – Precise and Clear labeling
  • Taste – Its not just flavor that builds a remarkable taste.
  • Appearance – Product, labeling and packaging.  Make it look as good as works.
  • Color – Appeal to all the senses

  • Costing – up front testing, raw material sourcing, how it would change formulation, front end technical aspects needed to begin production.

  • Changes to existing formulation – options to find a way to make your great product even better.

  • Line expansion – build on your success by finding new ways to bring your product to more consumers

  • New product concepts – lets us help you find where to go next

At Pro-Tec Laboratories we are a True One stop shop for all your Research and Development needs.

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