Quality Exploration

quality exploration

Quality Verifications Are Performed From The Beginning To The End Of Our Processes

Quality monitoring, inspections and verifications are embedded throughout our distribution, manufacturing, filling and assembly processes.

The inspection and verification of both intermediate and finished products by the quality team to ensure conformance with predetermined specifications is performed for all products we manufacture. During manufacturing, our production suites are manned by qualified quality inspectors that have been cross trained to perform line clearances, confirm line set ups, verify fill levels, lot number placement and legibility, label revisions, manual and seal integrity, vacuum chamber testing, torque criteria, etc. for the variety of dietary supplements, drinks, and personal care/OTC products we manufacture. Once your product is packaged, the finished product will be held in a separate shipping area for post packaging awaiting microbial clearance from the quality department. All microbiological and analytical testing is submitted to approved off-site contract laboratories for testing. Testing data can then be used to generate a unique certificate of analysis for each product which can be submitted to you ensuring knowledge that the product met its specifications and cGMP requirements.

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