At Protec Laboratories we understand that one of the ways that you can set your product apart is by being able to deliver it to your consumers in a packaging format that best fits it use and their lifestyles.  That is why we made it one of our mandates to be able to offer our clients one of the widest selections of packing options that you will find in house in the industry.

 We want you to be able to innovate not only in the formulation of your products but also in the way that they are consumed.  Reach new markets and expand your product lines by working with to see new opportunities available in the packaging world.  Take your product from bulk to single serving stik packs for portable on the go use for todays consumer.  Improve shelf life or make your product stand out by working with us on new packaging ideas.  We can do it on site and on cost.

Lets us work with you on some of these options:

Bulk Packaging                        Tube Packs

Canisters                                 Label Innovatons

Bottles                                     Shot Bottle packaging

Pouches                                   Single serve shot sleeves

Stik Packs                                Counter Packs

3 sided pouches                      Shippers

Shrink sleeves                         New color options to reinvigorate your product

Neck bands                              Drop Boxes

Gel Packs                                 Creative Dosing options

Blister Packs                            and many more…..

Club sized packaging

Multipack options

Online shipping packaging

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