ProTec Labaratories was formed to meet an unaddressed market demand –  a superior quality contract manufacturer that was an alternative to high priced, unreliable manufacturers that offered limited service criteria.  It was our goal to be uncommon, to be a different type of partner to our customers and to change the expectations and results that you could expect from a contract manufacturer. 

We were determined to meet the unmet market need for the exceptional.  We asked and listened to what our clients were looking for in a true partner that would give them the edge in a very competitive market place. Looked within ourselves to establish industry leading standard operating procedures that would set us apart and laid the groundwork to be a true center of excellence.

We established ourselves with geographic and equipment advantages to support lower cost operations. Advantages that would not only serve our partners in achieving their goals but also be advantages to their retailers, distributors and end users.

We prioritized customer service in all aspects of our operations.  We are with you at every step and strive to make sure that you feel that commitment.

Our high reliability and quality production standards were taken to another level. No corners were cut in  an exhaustive review and implementation of next level standard operation procedures that were put in place to surpass industry standards and allow for the highest quality and the right price.

Our service offerings were upgraded and expanded to cover almost all of the aspects of the production protocol –  to be a true one stop shop –  and allow for our customers to focus on their marketing initiatives and making their end users lives their best lives.

 From the very beginnings, the mission was clear.  Excel.  Continually excel.

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