Dose Forming

Dose Forming

ProTec Laboratory is the expert in two-piece hard-shell encapsulation, offering you a choice of either gelatin or HPMC vegetable-based capsules.
Our specialized equipment and skilled operators ensure the efficacy of your supplements by maintaining consistent potency from dose to dose, meeting your precise product specifications.

Our high speed machines allow us to produce sizeable runs with quick turn-around time


Cutting edge facilities to broaden your product line into this growing dose form.


Take your liquid supplements to more shelf stable and convenient dose format.


ProTec Laboratory’s tablet department houses multiple presses and tablet coating machines, and in-process compression testing.
We have several dies for to choose from, including caplets, round, and oval shapes and an unlimited selection of custom shapes.
We offer clear, color, and sustained release coating capabilities, chewable tablets, sublingual tablets, and effervescent products.


ProTec Laboratory offers custom powder fill solutions for all supplement categories, including


Strong bioavailability and ease of use allow for this format to extend product lines to those that want the easy of drinkability.


Our wide suite of options in this format will open new opportunities for new markets.

Flavor Systems

Protec has been know for years as a leader in building taste profiles and bringing new flavors to the market.

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