ProTec is an industry leader in product development, having assisted our customers in the creation of many of the most unique, effective and well-positioned dietary supplement formulations in the marketplace. 

We explore and investigate the latest in scientific research, consumer trends, and distinct raw materials so that our customers’ products have a winning edge.

We work with and listen to our customers so that we always fully understand the product concept and meet budgetary expectations. 

We can help whether a project requires full product development from concept to finished formulation, or an existing formula needs improvement, or simply a change in the flavor profile.

Product categories and dose forms –

• Aging
• Amino Acids
• Antioxidants
• Bone Health
• Brain & Mood
• Cardiometabolic
• Coenzyme Q10
• Digestive
• Energy
• Essential Fatty Acids
• Eye Health
• Sports Nutrition
• Hormone Support
• Immune Support
• Joint Support
• Liver/Detoxification
• Multivitamins
• Powders
• Vitamins/Minerals
• Weight Management
• Women’s Health

Weight loss / diet
General health and wellness
– Joint, heart, vitamins. Ocular, brain,
Sleep support
Pet care – grooming and supplements.
Beauty from within

• Protein powders
• Tablets
• Gel capsules
• Capsules
• Liquid filled capsules
• Pre-workouts
• Post-workouts
• Amino acid supplements
• Meal replacements
• Stick packs
• Gel packets
• Liquid packets
• Powder pouches
• Liquid juice products
• Liquid energy or sleep shots
• Aloe Vera beverages
• Liquid Supplements including:
o Liquid calcium
o Liquid vitamin D
o Liquid cal-megs
o Liquid vitamin/mineral mixes
o Liquid joint care
• Topical skin and body
• Creams
• Lotions
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Gels
• Serums
• Ointments
• Scrubs
• Moisturizers
• Sunless tanning
• Aerosols
• Bag-on-value
• Perfumes & Colognes
• Analgesic pain relief
• Anti-dandruff hair and scalp
• Home fragrance
• Household hard surface cleaners
• Household antiseptic cleaners
• Pet products to include wound care, pad & paw, shampoos and conditioning sprays
• Auto car wash, sealers and protectants


In distribution, we possess the capabilities to ship directly to customer requested locations in more than 90 countries around the world. All shipments are securely wrapped and palletized. We also can prepare international container shipments to facilitate exportation. Aerosols are subject to DOT testing to meet shipping requirements.

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